I am here to help you feel better and regain health. When you are faced with a health challenge it is difficult to find a true ally in our impersonal, mainstream healthcare system. Diagnostic tests, prescription drugs that address only symptoms, and doctors who have lost the knowledge of commonsense healing strategies yield unsatisfying results.

My holistic practice offers you an effective alternative. Addressing your health issues becomes a positive, relaxing and enjoyable experience, as it should be, which helps to promote true healing.

I look forward to helping you feel great!

About Livia's Practice

Livia's healing skills stem from 20 years of experience helping her patients get well and stay well. She incorporates her knowledge of nutrition, herbology, exercise physiology, qigong and traditional healing modalities to create multi-modal healing plans to tackle long-standing, complicated conditions.

Livia's experience has taught her that when people develop illness there is rarely just one, but rather many factors, that come into the creation of the disease. Therefore, in order to regain long lasting health one must also treat the illness with more than one modality.

Livia's in-depth knowledge of many healing modalities enhances her nurturing treatments to help you optimize your physical and emotional well being.

Livia has successfully treated complex, chronic conditions. Acupuncture can help when your other doctors cannot.

Livia has successfully treated
  • Chronic and Acute Conditions
  • Digestive disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Stress and emotional issues
  • Women’s health
  • Fatigue, adrenal fatigue
  • Low immunity
  • Post operative recovery
  • Stroke and concussion recovery
  • Arthritis
  • Allergies - sinus and skin
  • Asthma
  • Knee, back, joint injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Edema
  • Dizziness
  • Neuropathy
  • Weight loss
  • ...and more.

Success Stories

To those considering working with Livia Hall, I want to highly recommend that you do. She has done amazing work for me. I am 71 years old and she has helped make my body and mind many years younger. Livia is a true healer and caregiver. Her technique is soothing and without any discomfort. I don't know exactly how acupuncture works, but I can feel that it does. It restores my energy and physical and mental balance. Livia is a very competent professional and a deeply caring person. ― Dave J.

I began to receive acupuncture treatments from Livia Hall during my recovery from a stem cell transplant for lymphoma. Since I was very weak and unable to leave my home, she was kind enough to come to my home for weekly treatments. I believe that my recovery, which my oncologist said is remarkable, is due in large part, to the acupuncture treatments that I received from her. Almost immediately I felt less nausea, more energy, increased appetite, and a general feeling of well-being. I also began to gain some of the weight back that I had lost during the transplant. I realize that my progress can be attributed to many variables, however because there was always an experience of improvement right after, or a day or so after the treatments, I am convinced that they were of significant help in my recovery. ― Ron Z.

My husband and I cannot believe how my finger improved after my visit to you this week! Swelling less and we can see some real skin color! Thank you soooooo much! ― Nancy D.

I have been a patient of Livia Hall for 10 years now and plan to continue. I initially saw her for a serious neck problem that I'd had for more than six months. Before seeing Livia I had tried everything for relief without any improvement, using many different practitioners. After three appointments with Livia I was 90% better! She has continued to provide great treatment for other issues since then. My wife had a bad hip/lower back problem for two months that did not respond to any other treatments, including cortisone, physical therapy and chiropractic. I recommended she see Livia. The pain and inflammation in her hip and back took several treatments to resolve. Livia gave her valuable advice about nutrition and strengthening exercises and my wife reaped other significant health benefits from her appointments. Livia is very talented and intuitive. She is a wonderful giving person who puts forth an extra effort to heal her patients and we feel very fortunate to have found her! ― Bill and Jan B.

I am floored! Whatever you did yesterday got rid of the chest pain. Thank you! ― Pam E.

It has amazed me what acupuncture can fix right away! A lot of the work is overall system maintenance. But so many times I have gone to Livia with a specific problem and been better by the time I got home! Livia is a very gentle, down to earth and relaxing person. She really listens (which in itself is healing). As a professional musician and mother of a teen, I have many physical as well as emotional issues, and I always feel better walking out of her office. ― Pam E.

I was referred to Livia Hall by a well-respected, go-to acupuncturist in our area after he realized my healing would respond to certain subtleties in her practice, her use of Moxa for example. I had had extensive belly surgery and 6 months later was still depleted and fighting weekly viral skin eruptions on face, fingers, torso. My sleep was interrupted hourly through the night and I never felt rested. Livia's treatments were deeply nourishing and restorative, her needles helped me drop into a profound rest. Her ways of listening, both to my words and to my pulses, are acute and subtle and sure. She understands the role of diet in healing, and offers simple straightforward nutritional support. At the end of her treatment sessions, she gives a brief, full-body massage that seems to help integrate and circulate the energy of the points stimulated in the treatment. Worth noting, her Japanese-style needle technique is deft and painless. My stamina is up, my outbreaks are minimal, I have a greater sense of enthusiasm for life. ― Jaird D.

Been under the weather for the last few days and only two things really helped - Reeds Ginger Brew and Livia Hall's "magic". Livia's talents, for me and many others, they speak for themselves. Thanks Livia. Feeling better! ― Brian B.

I am so grateful for the work of Livia Hall. She is a dogged and deeply caring detective. Livia listens to me better than anyone I know and has a way of delving in with perceptive questions to reveal the essence of my health concerns - even when I am , at first, not clear how to articulate them myself. Then Livia applies her considerable skills and continuing research to get results. She is a keenly intelligent and hard-working practitioner. If you are interested in using acupuncture to work with a health issue or simply to live in greater balance and wellness. I believe that Livia is the best person in the Boulder area to work with. ― Robin K.

I feel like the treatment opened up a powerful natural flow in my body...also my father passed away almost q0 months ago and after the treatment I've really been grieving. Thanks. I enjoyed the treatment very much. ― Reid L.

After suffering a concussion from a fall, I was feeling pain and dizziness and general fogginess several weeks later. I had slept and drank water and tried to let my body recover, but couldn't shake the foggy feeling in my mind. I had an acupuncture treatment with Livia and the next day the fog had lifted. My mind was clear and within a week I felt back to normal. Livia's gentle manner and sure, confident work are always rejuvenating and healing. Thanks, Livia! ― Cindy P.

Livia Hall is not only extremely gifted as an acupuncturist but also so very generous with her time and expertise. Her knowledge, intuition and sure hands go directly to the problem areas. The combination of her acupuncture technique and herbal supports are helping me return to health and balance. I highly recommend Livia, you won't be disappointed. ― Peg H.

Livia Hall is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner whose treatments are beneficial to body, mind and spirit. Her gentle and perceptive approach with the intake interview, wellness counsel, acupuncture and bodywork have restored and rejuvenated me. Whether it has been to increase my energy and strengthen my immunity, or to help alleviate a painful back spasm, she has been spot on! Today, once again, I left her office with renewed enthusiasm, a positive shift in my energy and symptoms resolved. I highly recommend her! ― J.A.

Livia, I love you! Not sure what you did, but I slept most of the night (as long as I have in a while) without ever waking up with a numb arm or numb hand. Thank you!!! ― A.G.


  • Acupuncture Treatments

  • Single Treatments – $90
  • 10 Treatments (prepaid) – $850
  • Chinese Herbal Formulas

  • Small Bottle of 60 capsules (10 day supply) – $20
  • Large Bottle of 240 capsules (40 day supply) – $70
  • Dietary Consultation

  • Available by phone or in person – $75

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Livia Hall Acupuncture is located at 9283 Ogallala Road between Niwot and Longmont, 15 minutes
from North Boulder via the Diagonal highway, or 10 minutes from anywhere in Longmont.
To schedule a consultation or an appointment please call 303 704 3307, or email Livia at [email protected]